The sticky post pretty much explains what we are about. Ok well, what I am about after all at this point it’s only me, with the promise of a few other colleagues who might join in as things progress.

So let’s start with who I am.

I’m Jordan Benzing, a middle of the road Network Engineer. I’m young, stupid and have a tendency to bang my head against problems until I find the solution. I’ve been very privileged that while I haven’t had the opportunity to pursue certification in many areas I have had the opportunity to study, train and work alongside some really excellent people who have helped foster my knowledge and passion for the Information Systems Industry. Any posts you see from me will likely revolve around my major interest field, that pretty much includes anything from Active Directory Management, Powershell, Exchange Management in both the Shell and the EMC, Lync Scripting, VB scripts, SCCM and of course everyone who bleeds blue’s favorite monitoring solution, SCOM.

As other’s join the think tank this will be periodically updated to reflect their knowledge certs or lack thereof.


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This is a personal weblog. The opinions expressed here represent my own and not those of my employer.

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